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Virgo Third Decan (14Sep - 22Sep)

Blessed with persistence and tenacity, you can withstand pressure for very long periods. Ruled by Mercury and Venus, you are an artistic, graceful and fashion-conscious individual.

Famous people: Amy Winehouse, Dmitry Medvedev, Sam Neill, Clayton Moore, Prince Harry, Dan Marino, Tommy Lee Jones, Agatha Christie, Fay Wray, Robert Benchley, Nick Jonas, Marc Anthony, David Copperfield (Magician), Mickey Rourke, Peter Falk, J.C. Penney, Wade Robson, Jimmie Johnson, Roddy McDowall, Xzibit, Lance Armstrong, Aisha Tyler, James Gandolfini, Greta Garbo, Eddie Anderson, Leslie Lawson, Jeremy Irons, Adam West, Sophia Loren, Bill Murray, Stephen King, Chuck Jones, H.G. Wells, Nick Cave, Tommy Lasorda

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