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Virgo Second Decan (4Sep - 13Sep)

Organized, ethical and possessing good business sense, you may be too cautious at times. Ruled by Mercury and Saturn, you are a solid, dependable and responsible individual.

Famous people: Charlie Sheen, Beyoncé Knowles, Phill Lewis, Damon Wayans, Tom Watson, Mitzi Gaynor, Michael Keaton, Roger Waters, Devon Sawa, Julie Kavner, Buddy Holly, Pink, Patsy Cline, Adam Sandler, Hugh Grant, Billy Preston, Otis Redding, Colonel Sanders, Ryan Phillipe, Amy Irving, Joe Perry, Arnold Palmer, Ludacris, Moby, Brian DePalma, D.H. Lawrence, O. Henry, Barry White, Jesse Owens, Ben Blue, Roald Dahl, Milton Hershey

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