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Scorpio Third Decan (13Nov - 22Nov)

Caring, loyal and very capable of keeping secrets, you hang on to memories and legacies. Ruled by Pluto and the Moon, you are a feeling, protective and emotional individual.

Famous people: Jimmy Kimmel, Whoopi Goldberg, R.L. Stevenson, Condoleeza Rice, Yanni, Prince Charles, Jawaharlal Nehru, Claude Monet, Petula Clark, Shigeru Miyamoto, Burgess Meredith, Danny DeVito, Martin Scorsese, Owen Wilson, Elizabeth Perkins, Jodie Foster, Meg Ryan, Calvin Klein, Ted Turner, Larry King, Indira Gandhi, Bo Derek, Joe Biden, Edwin Hubble, Björk, Goldie Hawn, Voltaire, Scarlett Johansson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Rodney Dangerfield, Charles de Gaulle

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