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Scorpio Second Decan (3Nov - 12Nov)

Mysterious and hard to define, you seek unconditional love and acceptance above all else. Ruled by Pluto and Neptune, you are an intriguing, seductive and cryptic individual.

Famous people: Gemma Ward, Dennis Miller, Roseanne, Charles Bronson, Diddy, Jeff Probst, Laura W. Bush, Walter Cronkite, Will Rogers, Kevin Jonas, Judy Reyes, Bryan Adams, Art Garfunkel, Vivien Leigh, Emma Stone, Thandie Newton, Ethan Hawke, Mike Nichols, Billy Graham, Leon Trotsky, Madame Curie, Tara Reid, Masashi Kishimoto, Mary Hart, Margaret Mitchell, Chris Jericho, Carl Sagan, Josh Peck, Roy Scheider, Richard Burton, Martin Luther, Leonardo DiCaprio, Peta Wilson, Calista Flockhart, Demi Moore, George Patton, Anne Hathaway, Nadia Comaneci, Grace Kelly

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